What most businesses do

You're not alone! Many other businesses are going through the same. We meet them all the time. This is what we they do:

  1. Complain that Yellow Pages no longer works
  2. Make a pretty website
  3. Spend a few grand on it
  4. Do SEO, place some Google ads
  5. Spend another few grand
  6. Wait for the phone to ring
  7. Make a Facebook page, place some Facebook ads
  8. Spend another few grand
  9. See a bunch of clicks on the dashboard
  10. Not enough responses, slow leads, slow sales
  11. Contemplate pausing the campaigns
  12. You know your website can do better...but...
  13. That’s it...this whole thing is too complicated...website, landing page, funnel, conversion...
  14. Just wait for word of mouth...
  15. Watch your competitors grow
  16. watch your website get old, break then get hacked
  17. Spouse, business partner, staff all kinda disappointed

We understand how it feels when setting up your business online. You know what you do is great work but the message just doesn’t seem to get through.

MyWeb can solve these problems for you. We’re simple and we’re cheap.

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