About MyWeb

MyWeb is more than just a website. We’re an AUTOMATED marketing platform that promotes your business and brand, for FREE.

Products and/or services you select synchronise to myweb.market. MyWeb Market is full of local customers searching for businesses like yours.

We offer cutting edge web design and a simple, user friendly CMS (Content Management System).

MyWeb is passionate about the Environment and Fair Trade. Business integrity is part of our brand. Using innovation and technology MyWeb provides unique ways to tap into the rapidly growing, eco friendly, consumer market.

Interested businesses can participate by providing their Carbon Neutral or Fair Trade certifications. Customers can then filter by these certifications in the myweb.market place.

External websites can apply to become a MyWeb Partner and sync their products and/or services to myweb.market using our Market Sync plugin.

Building business with integrity

MyWeb works with small businesses
We encourage environmental and social responsibility

Products and services with Carbon Neutral certification automatically filter to the top in the MyWeb Community

MyWeb | Environment 01

Products and services with Fair Trade Certification automatically filter to the top in the MyWeb Community

MyWeb actively promotes your products and services.
Any sales commissions are donated to the charity of your choice

You're a small business. That's a good thing!

Your business is more flexible, personalised and has the ability to grow exponentially.
Start competing with big business now!